terence tan (23th march – 14th april)

a chance encounter with a horse stable that resulted from a random detour led the photographer to a two-year endeavor to capture the individuality and beauty of the horses he came across. perhaps one of the first animals to be domesticated since prehistoric times. the bond between horse and man extends throughout human history as it has always been a constant companion and ever-present ally through times of war and peace. often depicted for qualities such as grace, industry and power. this series of photographs however depart from such conventions and representations of the horse. offering us a very personal, one could even say ‘human’ side of the horse.

terence manages to achieve this from spending time familiarizing his presence with the horses over a period of two years. most of the photographs in this series capture the horses in seemingly quiet retrospect. it’s pensive gaze cutting through the silent elegance of the image. the intimate portraits of these majestic beasts inspire awe as one inspects the details.

terrence intentionally frames the horses in a portrait format in order to focus on the profile of the horse to emphasize its personality and character, stripping back its usual associations with brawn and speed out of the frame. but beyond what is visually represented, terrence hopes to highlight the significance of the horse in human history and it’s symbiotic relationship with mankind.

curator (degiosart)

Photographic Print