Prakash Sonawane

Prakash Sonawane

Prakash Sonawane

degiosart organises tothedot! a solo exhibition of the indian contemporary artist prakash sonawane, from 5 till 22 November, 2015 in its tiong bahru showroom.

for prakash sonawane a painting is a materialization of human beings’ direct experience and perception  of  the  world,  an  expression  of  both  their  physical  and  spiritual  life  journey. dealing   with   its   contradictions   and  complementarities   every   individual   searches   for moments of happiness and satisfaction. prakash believes that despite the downsides of life one should always look for the eternal source of positive present in order to discover one’s own strength and potential. the material world acts as a backdrop for the spiritual quest to unfold over time. anyone, even in the most mundane of jobs such as a dabbahwala, who is on this inward journey, has to go  through the outward journey  too as  both  are an intrinsic part  of  being.  they  complement  each  other.  his  creative  process  embeds  and  glorifies human being uniqueness. ‘work as worship’, ‘love for life’ and ‘mediation for realization’ are the fundamental aspects of a life journey which his canvases are based upon.

prakash  earned  his  mfa  with  distinction  from  the  sir  j.j.  school  of  art  in  mumbai.  Since graduating  he  has  shared  his  time  between  lecturing at  Sir  j.j.  school  of  art  and  creating works displayed at jehangin art  gallery, the strand art room, gallery leela and much more in  mumbai.  he  also  received  many  awards  such  as  the state art exhibition  from  the government of mahashtra, the art society of India and the  bombay art society to name a few.

prakash works and lives in mumbai, India.


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