Om Mee Ai

Amorphous Planes

Om Mee Ai

the solo exhibition of om mee ai
14-31st of january 2016

the beauty of om mee ai’s paintings lies in its ability to highlight the subjective nature of perceiving colour and image. devoid of any figuration, her works are reminiscent of a rorschach test. as the eyes begin to wander around, the mind starts to associate images with the shadowy forms that emerge from her signature grids. om is not interested in imposing a narrative or providing a signpost for her viewer to rely on, as evidenced by her use of codified titles for her paintings. she utilises colours as a medium to tap into the viewer’s context, memory and experiences informing the narrative of her works.

om mee ai’s approach to her paintings is almost monastic in nature, the intricate grids she paints are patiently weaved and build up with layers of translucent paint in different colours. despite its seemingly flat appearance at first glance, she manages to extend the space of her painting beyond its plane, creating depth whilst opening up a window into an amorphous realm of colours and mysterious shadows. the layers of austere grids merge together on the canvas and form a surface that seems to pulsate the longer one ponders upon it.

the observer get the sense that her paintings reveal a different discovery each time one returns to it. the selection of paintings in this show encapsulates mee ai’s conceptual preoccupation with subjective colour perception. her works invite viewers to contemplate on its process and introspect the sensation of its colours through her world of grids.