Dream Weavers, The Art of Tibetan Rugs

Dream Weavers, The Art of Tibetan Rugs

Dream Weavers, The Art of Tibetan Rugs

the art of tibetan rugs reflects a long weaving tradition, its history stretching back hundreds if not thousands of years. however, due to its commonplace utilitarian nature, little mention is made in historical records apart from the occasional reference to rugs owned by prominent religious figures. the traditional craft of making tibetan carpets is particularly unique due to the denser knots of its wool pile compared to other rug-making traditions in the world. tibetan rugs are made for a variety of uses such as monastic, domestic and for transportation.

long narrow runners are often produced for the monasteries, the design of this particular rug consists of individual squares to indicate seating for meditation. the tibetan’s close relationship with horses also meant that saddle rugs and horse blankets began to be made for their equine companions. it is noteworthy that tibetan rugs are rarely used as floor coverings and often utilised for purposes such as seating and sleeping. despite its geographical isolation, the motif and design employed by tibetan artisans do reflect the influences of other cultures that surround it.

the combination of quality workmanship, materials, bold colours and vibrant geometric patterns make tibetan rugs an attractive and unique work of art. degiosart has one of the finest collection of tibetan rugs amassed over the last twenty years, this exhibition hopes to shine a light on the rich history and beauty of these rugs.


Tibetan Rugs

tibetan checkerboard runner

tibetan cloud motif runner

tibetan clouds and floral saddle rug

tibetan floral lattice horse blanket

tibetan floral rug

tibetan floral saddle rug

tibetan svastika rug