the young soga brothers

kuniyoshi (1797 – 1861)
triptych from the famous tale of the soga brothers. their father was murdered in 1175 when the brothers were aged three and five. they finally avenged his death by killing his assassin in 1193. this legendary story of honor and heroism was a favorite during the edo era, and a subject for countless artists and playwrights. this scene shows a confrontation between the young brothers and a nobleman in a kimono featuring a dragon and a tiger, who glares at them while holding a fan aloft. wearing a kimono patterned with butterflies, the impetuous soga goro angrily jumps to his feet while his brother juro, dressed in a bird kimono, holds out his arm trying to stop him. the party of beauties gathered around watches with varied expressions ranging from calm to surprised and slightly horrified.
98x33cm (excl frame)